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Manchester Adult Education Courses

Our free online Family Learning courses are starting after half term 

Are you struggling to help your children with their homeschooling?  

We can help you to support your children during this, the third lockdown! 

Join our FREE online courses which will help you to support your child’s work at school.  The courses will also: 

  • Give parents the tools to help children with their homework 
  • Support your family’s wellbeing 
  • Build your confidence – in the family and in your community 
  • Provide a supportive network of other parents and carers 
  • Support your children’s emotional needs 

These are the courses we offer  

  • Parenting  
  • Confidence Building  
  • Stress Management for Parents 
  • Family Maths 
  • Key Stage 3 Maths 
  • Family Phonics 
  • Family Crafts 
  • Family Science 
  • Family Wellbeing  
  • Creative History 
  • Share a Story  
  • Outdoor Adventures 

Please go to our website to sign up for a course (or type this into your web browser): 

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