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Values and Ethos

At Rushbrook Primary Academy we nurture a love of learning in all our children.

We are an emotionally literate community where positive relationships provide the framework for all we do. The school community works for the success and happiness of everyone. Our commitment to and belief in emotional education is the foundation for our work in school.

  • Children, parents/carers and staff work together to ensure that all children achieve their potential. Together we nurture hope, compassion and optimism and develop self-belief.
  • Our school is a warm and welcoming learning environment – we care for each other. School is a safe, secure and happy place.
  • Creativity, diversity, sensitivity and individual strengths are positively developed and celebrated.
  • We encourage and expect the best from our children in all aspects of school life. We have high expectations of what everyone can achieve.
  • We foster curiosity so that we can find out about the world in which we live. Learning is challenging and mistakes are celebrated as an opportunity to develop and improve our work.
  • We build trust, independence and confidence in all.
  • Our children believe that they can achieve anything they want.
Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
Rushbrook Primary Academy
101 Shillingford Road
Gorton, Manchester M18 7TN