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School closures update – 19.03.20

Dear Parents/Carers,

This is a very strange letter indeed to be writing. Following the announcement of school closures by the government yesterday, we can confirm that Rushbrook Primary Academy will be closed at 3.15pm on Friday 20th March until further notice. This will be for all children, except for those of key workers and children who are most vulnerable. As of yet we do not have a full definition for either of these groups, but as soon as we do we will be contacting all families to ask them if they are classed as a key worker and if you intend to be sending your child into school. We will also contact our most vulnerable families. This is so we can ensure we are staffed – where possible – to meet the needs of the children in our care. As soon as we receive further guidance, we will share further details as to what provision will be in place in school for these children.

This is unprecedented for everyone and we very much thank you for all your continued support and understanding as together, we navigate our way through the weeks ahead.

Communication with School

Please use the usual means to communicate with staff e.g. email, groupcall.

We would love to celebrate what your children have been doing at home, so please do share with us. Staff will update their curriculum on the school website weekly as normal and respond to messages within school hours (please note many staff will also be at home caring for their children the same as you are).

We will continue to write the weekly newsletter also and this will be sent out through the usual means. Any general enquires can of course be sent to the email address.

Welfare Checks

Our team will be checking in with all children at least once a week. This is as advised by various groups and we hope you see this as a community spirted initiative, as we are very much all in this together. It is very important that we have your most up to date contact details; please email by Friday morning if they need altering.

Free School Meals

If you are in receipt of Free School Meals, an online Asda account has been set up. We will be giving Asda vouchers for the amount associated with a free school meal each day, on a weekly basis, to support these families.

If you are struggling financially due to the very difficult current situation, please do make us aware during our welfare checks or email the account. We are very much not here to judge but to support in any way we can.

Home Learning

As I am sure you appreciate, we simply cannot replicate the learning that takes place in school each day at home. However, we hope the below will be of help to keep your child’s love of learning ignited and keep their basic skills up to speed.

In addition to the below we have also uploaded a range of documents with ideas including English, Maths, Online Safety and Educational Phycology support etc.

Online Learning

Online Resources children are familiar with

Times Tables Rockstars / Mathletics – Maths Children can spend time on these great resources that are familiar with. Teachers have set specific tasks/ tests for children to complete.

DB Primary – All subjects -quizzes and child friendly interactive games.

Phonics Play – spelling games and activities Twinkl Please sign up for a free 30-day trial for twinkl following the link below: Put in own email/ password/ and then offer code- UKTWINKLHELPS You can then click on the year group packs, which are great for your child.

Muddy Puddle

Please also sign up for the free parent resource created for Coronavirus School Closures by Muddy Puddle.

Go Noodle some great videos to do together to keep active

Physical Resources

All children will be coming home with a blank exercise book and writing equipment. This is to allow paper for recording any work (please see ideas below) and possibly, you may like to complete a diary each day of what you have done?

Reading We encourage children to do as much reading as possible. Please include newspapers, leaflets, magazine, books from home and record in your reading records. Children can write book reviews, sequels to their favourite books. Please use your imagination. For extra reading books, we would recommend to access over 100 free online books linked to our school book bands.

Assessments Children have taken their recent assessments, please take time to go over them – celebrating their successes and working on their errors.

Non-screen time ideas

If child does not need to self-isolate you may consider ….

• Taking a walk in nature. Make a collection of things you find. Once home, display them and see if you can identify them. Nature Detectives has some great ‘spotter sheets’ which might help.

• Planting some vegetables to grow at home. How can you keep them healthy? Once grown, can you use them in your cooking? Easy ones to grow for younger children are lettuce varieties, cress, radish or basil and mint herbs.

• Having a family sunflower competition. Who can keep their plant healthy and grow the tallest sunflower? Keep a diary of how much it grows each day.

Other activities you could do with your child

• Make a marble run. How long can you keep the marble moving for?

• Take a ‘Science Selfie’. Take a photograph of themselves with something science related in the image. Print off the photograph and complete the caption ‘This is science because…’ Make a collection of ‘Science Selfies’ to show how science is all around us.

• With an adult for guidance, experiment with cooking and food preparation. Make cakes and discuss what they notice at each stage of the recipe. Try this experiment to see how oven temperature affects cake mix: Make some cake mixture and place in 15 separate muffin cases. Put all the muffins in the oven then after every minute remove one from the oven until all 15 have been removed. Which is the best cake? Why? What do you notice? Mix up the cake order and see if you can put them back in the correct order.

• Try making some healthier snacks. Try super-seed energy balls, homemade granola, and hummus with veg sticks. Explore online for some great ideas.

• Make a den, inside or out. Explain what materials you used and why your den is good?

• Research a famous scientist. What did they discover? How is their idea used today?

We will of course continue to be directed via the government and our trust and keep families regularly updated in line with guidance. Please keep safe and well, all of our wonderful community.

Kind Regards

Mr Carroll

Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
Rushbrook Primary Academy
101 Shillingford Road
Gorton, Manchester M18 7TN