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Spring Workshops

Our free online Family Learning courses are starting after Easter.

Supporting your children’s education during this time can be difficult for most families, but help is available!

Join our FREE online courses which will help you to support your child’s work at school. The courses will also:

● Give parents the tools to help children with their homework

● Support your family’s wellbeing

● Build your confidence – in the family and in your community

● Provide a supportive network of other parents and carers

● Support your children’s emotional needs

These are the courses we offer

● Parenting

● Confidence Building

● Stress Management for Parents

● Family Maths

● Key Stage 3 Maths

● Family Phonics

● Family Crafts

● Family Science

● Family Wellbeing

● Creative History

● Share a Story

● Outdoor Adventures

Please go to our website to sign up for a course (or type this into your web browser):

Learning Together Family Workshops

Family Learning is offering a range of workshops for parents and children to learn together, running throughout April and May. Please visit our website:

Sock puppet characters – Bring a sock to life! Invent your own wacky creature or make a character from a book. You will need: a sock, coloured paper or card, PVA glue (plus pot and spreader), scissors, felt pen. Extras: buttons, googly eyes, fabric, wool or string for hair, needle and thread, pom poms, pipe cleaners. Tuesday 27/04/21 4.00-5.30pm

Make a hat and mask – Make a hat and mask from things you have in the house. For the hat you will need, newspaper, cereal box card or similar, stapler/tape. For the mask: paper plate or card, elastic or stick. For both: scissors, felt pens. Extras: feathers, sequins, pipe cleaners etc. Tuesday 4/05/21 4.00-5.30pm

Spring flowers and bunnies – You will need white paper plates, white or coloured paper ( yellow and green) or card, scissors, glue stick, sticky tape, colour pencils and felt tips or paint. Plus any collage materials like wrapping paper, tissue paper, sweet wrappers or leaves from the garden. Wednesday 28/4/21 4.00-5.30pm

Hedgehog fun and facts – We will find out about what hedgehogs like and how to attract them to your garden. Plus make a hedgehog. You will need some paper plates or cardboard like the back of an old cereal packet, pencils, felt tips, scissors, glue, natural coloured collage materials like brown tissue paper or dried leaves. Wednesday 5/5/21 4.00 -5.30pm

Fantasy Art, Drawing a Dragon’s Eye You will be looking at Fantasy art, drawing and colouring a dragon’s eye. You will need 2B or 4B pencil, paper, felt tips or watercolour paints. Wednesday 5/5/21 4.00-5.30pm

Science: Drawing our Solar system We will be finding out interesting facts about our solar system and creating drawings of all the planets.You will need large paper, pencils and felt tip pens, and some cups , plates, bowls to draw around. Wednesday 28/4/21 4.00-5.30pm

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