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SENCO Newsletter

These are very challenging times for everybody and can be very difficult for children with Special Educational Needs. Home Learning is tricky to manage and we’re here to offer as much support as we can. We’ve put together this newsletter as a PowerPoint with links to resources you might find helpful during this period. The slides cover Social stories, English, Maths, Speech and Language, Physical and sensory, Autism, Dyslexia and emotional wellbeing and happiness. There’s lots of resources recommended by specialists that you might find useful for ideas and activities. You don’t have to use any or you might use a few but they are there for you if you need them. We are also there for you so contact us if you need support or you want to talk through difficulties you’re having or to celebrate your successes.

It’s best viewed on laptops where you can click Slide show on the toolbar for a full screen and click through. Press control and click on laptops to access links or press directly onto the link address on iPad and tablets.

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