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Year 4 Children – Multiplication Check

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for your support with all things times tables this year! Special thanks too for encouraging your children to log in and practise their learning on Times Tables Rock Stars. We know that many of you have been enjoying using TT Rock Stars, particularly throughout this period of home learning.

It was a shame that after practising so hard and putting so much effort into learning their tables this year, our year 4s would not have the chance to perform in the DfE Multiplication Tables Check this term.

Nevertheless, it’s important to us to end the year with a sense of how they might have done so your child is required to play two Soundcheck games. If you are unfamiliar with the game modes, the Soundcheck replicates the Multiplication Tables Check itself. Your child is already familiar with how it works.


When your child logs in any time on the 2nd July they will be automatically guided through the simple process of playing two Soundcheck games – one game to warm up and one to really show us what they’re made of. Both games are made of 25 questions and should be given their best shot.


As soon as they login a pop up message appears to direct them through the steps.

There will not be an opportunity to repeat the games. If playing on a phone and a call comes through or if your child is interrupted mid game, it will have an impact on their concentration.

Please find a quiet 5-minute window, away from distractions, when they can play these two games, each lasting no more than 2 and a half minutes.

As you can appreciate, the score is only meaningful if every answer is given by them with no assistance of any kind.

What next?

When they complete the two Soundcheck games, they can use TT Rock Stars as usual.

The results will help us with our year 4 teaching next year and to provide us with end of year progress information for your child.

Thank you for your support and please do get in touch if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

Miss Asbery

Lower Key Stage Two Phase Lead

Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
Rushbrook Primary Academy
101 Shillingford Road
Gorton, Manchester M18 7TN