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Design Technology

Design and Technology Curriculum Statement


In Design and Technology at Rushbrook, we aim to teach the children about the world around them, from the food they eat to the clothes they wear. We teach this through the researching, designing, making and evaluating process, with guidance from the KS1 and 2 National Curriculum and the Understanding The World strand in EYFS.


In KS1 and 2, Design and Technology is taught through topic work and also during Design and Technology half termly throughout the year.  All classes use a range of skills including food, textiles and mechanical structures.

Each unit of learning will be planned based on key Design and Technology skills. To ensure a broad range of materials and skills are used and experienced, each key stage will plan their units of work using the following media each year.

  • Food
  • Mechanical systems and 3D structures
  • Textiles

This allows each area of technology to integrate with other areas of the curriculum where possible. Each year group has expected outcomes and skills linked to each area of technology and the four main aims (design, make, evaluate and technical knowledge) of the national curriculum. This is to ensure progression across the key stages and should be used when planning and assessing each area of the DT curriculum.

In the EYFS, we develop our designing and making skills through child initiated activities in continuous provision such as the junk / craft area, and large and small construction inside and outside. We also have planned opportunities that are adult initiated, linked to interests and topics such as making pirate ships / sandwiches / fruit salads and other food preparation and cooking activities, with regular baking opportunities. 

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